Batman Surfs Up Jokers Under

Perhaps the worst surfing related episode of any TV show ever to hit screens across the world is fro the 1960’s episode of Batman “Surfs Up! Jokers Under!” Being a surfing blog we thought it might be of interest to some Batman fans who are also surfers as it provides some of the most shockingly tragic TV ever made. We’ve included a clip below for you to watch and laugh/cry at.

With acting as wooden as could possibly be, fight scenes that are spectacularly bad and a plot that simply defies belief it’s well worth a watch! The Joker had in previous episodes come up with some fairly decent plans to take over Gotham city, including turning the water supply to jelly, using time distortion machines and of course blotting Batman and Robin to prevent them from standing in the way of his dastardly plans. However, here we see him planning to win a king of the surf competition in the hopes of having surfers pledge their allegiance to him and help him take over the city! We can only wonder what substances were being used by the script writers or whether they were so annoyed by the budget and pay cuts that they deliberately attempted to sink the show. Whatever the reasons behind it please take a look and leave a comment on what you think about it. We’re simply staggered, and just how we ended up watching this episode is still a mystery! However, if you are a Batman fan and end up watching this ludicrously surf related episode then you can also take a look at any of the recent Dark Knight films which will restore your faith in the superhero and you can even play one of the online games or casino slots such as the cinematic version of the dark Knight slot game which is quite thrilling to play and has some mega wins on offer, just don’t go spending all your cash, remember to save some for your surfing equipment and traveling!

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