Shark Bites Slot

One of the things that as a surfer you can be sure is feared the most amongst all the things that could possibly go wrong with a days surfing is that of being bitten by a predatory shark, whether it has mistaken the look of your board below for another creature or perhaps it just smelled the blood from a cut you weren’t aware of. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly something we would like to avoid and there’s a number surfers each year killed or seriously injured with these accidents, although small in comparison to injuries from other sports like statistics like to make out it’s about as frightening a way of getting injured as is imaginable. shark-bite-slots

However, we’ve discovered a less sinister take on the topic and have recently been play at various online casinos on the Shark Bites slot. This isn’t probably the best way to spend our time away from the waves but it’s an exciting game nonetheless and if you’ve got a few quid burning a hole in your sky rocket then we recommend having a crack. We’ve won some great prizes on it playing the super mode and it’s also available in 3D for those who are interested. Try it out at a range of online casinos and you can even play at various places on your mobile phone, though be careful that you choose the right type of casino here as there’s only a select few that allow you to pay by mobile and you can get the full list visiting the link below.

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